Clever Dual Pads Yoga Wheel

Clever Yoga Wheel Dual Pads Release Tight Chest & Shoulders, Deepen Backbends with Pose Guide and Online Beginner to Advanced Video Instruction Eco-Friendly “Namaste” Lifetime Warranty
  • You can finally enhance flexibility, open shoulders and release the spine in just minutes per day. By resting the spine on the wheel, your tight muscles will melt and you will breathe easier.
  • Challenging back bends have never been easier. Let the wheel support your body so you feel protected and safe as your body releases into the weight of the wheel.
  • Because Clever Yoga’s wheel is the sturdiest, most durable yoga wheel on the market with inside out thick padding, you can comfortably enhance your poses.
  • We put in time and sweat equity as practicing yogis to determine that the double-sidded padding is essential to allow for a safe, comfortable grip, inside and out.
  • Our wheel is wider than other wheels so that the feet have a larger surface to rest on and so that the back can open and recline easier.